Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

brocade bustier_03

The setting sun is beautiful.

brocade bustier_02

There was a stuffed tortoise in one corner of the small rise.

brocade bustier_01

Remembering doll photos like I used to take.


The second part of a demure beauty

a demure beauty

Memory in objects

A seaside hideaway

House with a lonely star

What are you listening to?

I, a wooden stone, also have dreams.

always full of fragile charm...

Were the two girls somewhat alike?

Red wig and sailor suit.

Another me in a city I didn't know.

Life is like a blowing wilderness

Tranquillity light

Mary of the Flowers

Spring has finally arrived.

blue ribbed knit

Overlaying the faces of different people

I won't forget you.


Roughness of colour particles at dusk

First shooting of this doll head

A bit of alchemy:By the railway line

Transforming the mundane into the noble.-3-

A bit of alchemy:pillars

Transforming the mundane into the noble.-2-

A bit of alchemy:riverbanks

Transforming the mundane into the noble.-1-

Heard a thunderclap at midnight.

As old pseudo-memories.02

I wish you happiness.

As old pseudo-memories.01

I wish you happiness.

Daruma-san fell down

(children's game similar to Statues or Red Light Green Light,Grandma's Footsteps)

White (on days when people's voices are unheard.)

Girl doll to talk to