Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

A bit of alchemy:riverbanks

Transforming the mundane into the noble.-1-


The music used for the slides was

[Classical] LostDrone - Goodnight (free download and creative commons)

On this day, the weather forecast was for light rain from about 16:00. As time progressed, it became stormier. For the first outside shoot in a long time, I had another location and a different theme in mind, but I hastily switched to a plan for the rain.
I gave up the idea for the day for another time. I was left with a feeling of resentment, wondering if it had rained and stormed so much before winter turned to spring.

Why is it that even familiar landscapes look different when I point my camera at them? If I say it's the power of the lens, that's the end of the story, but when I decide to point my camera at even the most mundane objects, I may have become a different persona from my usual self. Otherwise, there wouldn't be countless snaps left behind that I've forgotten I even took.Just by pointing the camera and clicking the shutter, something has changed into something else. If there is a beautiful person there, it is to an even greater degree. Of course, like alchemy, it is more than half a trick, and I may be the only one who is fooled and gawking. 
Lead did not turn to gold, but it still leaves me with some by-product, just as medieval alchemy produced beautiful pigments. With this in mind, I create this series.