Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)



At the port terminal -3-

Played the piano.

At the port terminal -2-

This floor is now almost empty.

At the port terminal -1-

The dream continues in white.

At the port terminal -last part-

One pigeon was watching.

The Girl -2-

I wonder if that's what Saudade is all about.(or Memories of the day after tomorrow)

One early summer day -3-

At the bottom of high humid atmosphere

One early summer day -2-

Touching the river water

One early summer day -1-

Like a blue sky.

basso continuo


Bonsai plum blossom exhibition -2-

toshigoro omohitsurukoto...3

Bonsai plum blossom exhibition -1-

à cause des chats -2-

à cause des chats -1-

toshigoro omohitsurukoto...2

Railway Square

I feel like laughing.-2-

Blue in a dark, small room

I feel like laughing.-1-

White in a dark, small room

toshigoro omohitsurukoto...1

Walking around the town

Like rain at dusk in November...

48 days passed.