Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)


Bonsai plum blossom exhibition -2-


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Music Atelier Amacha

The first time I went to Nagahama on business was in January, some 30 years ago. I went there on the new rapid train and stayed overnight.
It was not until some time later that I found out about the Bonbaiten (plum blossom) exhibition.
Although I had never wanted to visit a famous cherry blossom spot or a famous plum grove, the Bonbaiten exhibition here had remained in my mind and on my mind for a long time.
Several times plans to go, or invitations to go, were made and the realisation of the trip was on the verge of happening. Each time this happened, the plans for the trip drifted away, and may have been extraordinarily memorable.
Somehow, I felt like this was the last time I would go, so I decided to go this time.
It was difficult for me to capture the beautiful woman and the flowers together, and it was a great opportunity. I was left with a regret.
Still, I feel strongly that I have fulfilled something I have been thinking about for many years.
I could only leave a poor image, but I was the only one who saw the light at this time.
I can truly think back now that it was an unforgettable time.