Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

One early summer day -3-

At the bottom of high humid atmosphere


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Source Of Light


Due to my illness, I had to cancel my shooting plans.
While lying in a fever, I dreamt of going to a place where a cool breeze was blowing.
Fortunately, my fever soon broke and after a period of self-restraint, I asked to be allowed to shoot again.
The thought of a place with a cool breeze led me to suggest the river's edge.
After making plans, I found out that it was not only a famous place for cherry blossoms, but also for hydrangeas, which attract many people at this time of the year.
Just as I had decided to go ahead with the plan, thinking that since it was a weekday, there shouldn't be that many people, I read someone's text. The details of this are not given here. However, it seems that I am easily influenced by other people's subjectivity, perhaps because I live exclusively on a subjective basis.
After reading the text, I felt I was not qualified to photograph hydrangeas.
I decided to only look at the blue flowers from a distance. I avoided using them as a background for the person in the picture.
The flowers were like the blue sky.
I felt reserved, self-conscious and poor in my own mind.
It should have been a fun shoot, but it was also accompanied by a somewhat sad feeling.
Only at the end did I manage to capture an image of a person I would like to call the bottom of the high humid atmosphere.
I ended the shoot with that as the harvest of the day.
It was a small amount, but it seemed like enough for a two-hour shoot.