Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Spring has finally arrived.


The music used for the slides was

Happy At Home - Cinematic Background Music Happy Optimistic Sweet

No matter what I see or hear, I cry unexpectedly.
I can't predict how sentimental I'm going to get. Is it because I have a chest full of countless words that I wanted to say somewhere? I've always been a misanthrope, so when my wife dies, I have no one to have a casual conversation with. I think I deserved it. But I can't be social or participate in any kind of circle activities now. It seems to me that even if I were born again, it would be impossible for me.
I've gone for days without speaking, so when I do speak occasionally, my voice is grazed. Do you have a cold? So my daughter asked me, and so did this beautiful person. After a while, though, the grazing of my voice disappears.

A few moments of outside photography. If I had more time to spare, I would have liked to extend my visit westwards from this location.
The weather is finally warm and spring is in the air as the cherry trees begin to leaf out.
I thought of the lyrics to Simon & Garfunkel's April, comes she will.
The last words of the song brought tears to my eyes again.
'A love once new has now grown old.'