Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

澪 _Art-doll_148_M16汎用版

Dark red glow

The far cry of the doll

Our gazes never met.

Let's go to the red cloud swirling planet.

Like Snow White.

Accidental reflections of blue 2

The portrait of blue grey

Accidental reflections of blue 1

Blue practice leotard

She asked for cold tea

After the cultural festival stage

white & pink

the costume with MINI SONICON ROCKET_01

white & burgundy

Girls are fragile beings. TWO


The prototype white TWO

In a chair

Girls are fragile beings. ONE

The prototype white ONE

In lying posture


Lost in the blue 003

Wearing a silver short wig.

A morning exploring her beauty


The afternoon exploring her beauty


The sound of light