Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Dark red glow


The music used for the slides was

Like To Bubbles When Rain Pelteth - #3656 (880 Left) By Chair House 231218

When it rains, I lose the opportunity to hear people speak because I don't go out shopping.
The TV may or may not be switched on once a week. It may or may not be because of this, but the Android built into the TV is slow to start up. I am becoming more and more out of touch with it.
When I was walking, I used to listen to old songs with bone-conduction earphones. But when I'm shut in, I don't listen to that either. Once or twice, I accessed my wife's relic Bluetooth speaker and played a song at dinner. Even when my favourite songs were playing, I would think of the songs on my wife's iPhone that I could no longer listen to. Eating dinner alone is hard and unbearable.

At dusk after the rain, I put a red wig on this doll and photographed it.
It reminds me of the scene at the children's art class I attended when I was in the early years of primary school.
The primary school children were painting on the drawing paper on the floor with craypas, but sometimes older brothers and sisters of high school age would sit on chairs and do plaster sketches. They were facing the easel with charcoal and bread in their hands, and I once saw one of them drawing with a red Conte. I felt as if I was witnessing the birth of something else as the white plaster figure was drawn with red Conte.

For my free drawing assignment that day, I had drawn a rainy city, and I had used purple craypas to paint the roads with cars on them. I also recalled the teacher commenting that the colour seemed like that to you.