Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Cold rain light


The music used for the slides was

Pavana by Diego Pisador (16th century)

Woman in a port town in the south of France.
Such an image I had of this doll is becoming more distant each time I photograph her.
Today, driven by a gloomy mood due to days of cold rain, I was pointing my camera for a moment before dusk.

I didn't feel like going out anywhere, but the cat clung to me and wanted more food than usual. Perhaps she is bored, but my cat, who doesn't know how to be pampered, wakes up and wants to eat. She often vomits after eating too much, though.
While eating, the cat sometimes looks towards the stairs. Does she feel as if my late wife is watching her from upstairs? I also look in that direction. Of course, my wife is not there, and when the cat notices that I have looked in the same direction, she starts eating again.

After dinner that day, I was still lying on the hot carpet, with my cat. My back was warm and snug.
Suddenly, there was a small noise upstairs. The cat, which had been lying down, also put its ears up, stared upstairs and ran up the stairs. Did something fall or was it knocked down? I followed the cat upstairs to find out.
The cat was just inside the room, crouched still.
Without finally understanding what the noise was, I went back downstairs.
The cat must see things I can't see and hear sounds I can't hear.

A port town in the south of France. The scene of a town I had never been to seemed to me like an empty dream, a scene from the afterlife.