Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

phantasmagoric wisteria -2-


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The rooms are on the upper floors with a renewed interior. I was able to book one of these rooms at an extremely reasonable price.
To have this beautiful person stay overnight. That I would return home once I had finished shooting during the hours of natural light. This was agreed in advance.

It had indeed been a year since I had photographed her.
There were several times when I had requested a shoot and was able to fit it into her schedule, but I had to give up due to my health problems... As more and more requests came in for her corporate projects, it was somewhat distressing to have her accompany me on my amateur hobbies, so time passed before I knew it.

With regard to the shoot, requests were as follows.
A white or light blue dress. Straw hat. A summer resort-like atmosphere.

On the day of the shoot, both the JR and Hankyu trains were running late on the section she was using, but I was very happy that she arrived on time before check-in.
After receiving a welcome drink, we went up to our room according to the check-in instructions.
I had never seen the South View before.
It was exactly what I expected to see.
After taking some trial shots, I noticed that the dress she was wearing was a pale wisteria colour. To the naked eye, it looked grey, but through the camera lens I could recognise the colour correctly for the first time.

In the light, this beautiful lady created all sorts of illusions for me.