Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

I won't forget you.



The music used for the slides was

[Piano] LostDrone - Highway (Free Download and Creative Commons License)

Second photo shoot.
Wig changed to dark silver-grey. I dress her in a cherry-red knit with a sailor collar.
The reason I think that this alone makes her a completely different doll from the first time is because I'm a bit naive.
As I was photographing her, I started to wander into my usual thoughts about how the doll would look like this or how she would resemble someone else.
The number of shots taken is almost double that used for the slides.
This is because I had to discard them to keep it under two minutes, but more importantly, in the middle of the shooting,
'I know you!'
I came across an image that made me want to say that.
I know you!
The beautiful girl I dreamt of or imagined while reading a story.
Or is she someone who came to my mind in the melody of a poem or a song?
I thought I knew you, even though I had never met you anywhere in this world.
With the death of my wife, I realise that I no longer have a single person with whom I can exchange words.
I see no one, I speak to no one, I live each day in an empty fantasy.
And yet, I know you, I will not forget you!  
I wanted to shout.