Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

blue ribbed knit


The music used for the slides was

Morning Light - Ambient Guitar (Royalty Free Music / No Copyright) Acoustic Background Music

I was told that her personal colour is blue.
I nodded, not really knowing what that was. Is there a colour that doesn't suit her? I wondered.

I knew that she had participated in a blue-based photo shoot last year. It's a long way away and I'm not in a Saturday or Sunday, when a lot of people apply for the event. Nevertheless, I think the reason why it remained in my consciousness was because I wanted to see this person in blue.

The day's shooting was done while waiting for this person's health and mood to recover.
The west-facing room she stayed in.
The room exposed to the morning sun was mine and I gave her a good rest in the morning.
I thought that this west-facing room might be available when the sun was setting, but the tilted sunlight could be photographed elsewhere.

The blue ribbed knit accentuates the beauty of the woman.
As I gazed, I envisioned rolling hills with endless blue herb fields.
I would be the man in the straw hat following the ridges.