Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

The Girl -1-

It's always hopeful, funny and makes me cry.


『ROCA 吉川ロカ ストーリーライブ』いしいひさいち オフィス安藤

The music used for the slides was

Naoya Sakamata


The old-fashioned red bag of candy, that's the one she loves.
Every time I take a picture, I prepare a bag of it, wondering if she still really likes it.
These days, though, I don't see her tearing the bag lengthwise and eating more and more of it right in front of me.

Everyone's tastes will change a little bit. I, too, have recently been buying small quasi-chocolates on my walks. Buying them one at a time is indeed a bit of a drag, so I was delighted when I found what is known as a variety pack of 25 pieces. There are seven varieties in all. All of them are marked with the words THANK, THANKS, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you very much.

Despite being quasi-chocolate, it is vulnerable to extreme heat and is indescribably soft in the mouth.
It is strangely funny and also kind of makes me want to cry.

Since about the beginning of this year, I had been wanting to include the manga Roca by Hishaichi Ishii in her photo shoot.
Based on her outfit and hairstyle on the day, I decided to title it as The Girl.