Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Like rain at dusk in November...

48 days passed.


49 days have passed.
Should I say that that much time has already passed?
Or should I say that only a short time has passed?
When my only daughter, who had gone home for the New Year's holiday, returns to Osaka, I will once again be an old man living alone without a wife.
The day before she was due to leave, however, she said in a few words that she couldn't believe that her mother was no longer in this world.
For me, too, there is a strange feeling of everyday life without my wife, and I wonder if she will open the door at any moment and show her face in front of me, saying sorry, sorry, sorry.

What can I fill the blanks in my mind with?
I don't think it's a photograph, because for 49 days I've been looking at old snaps and weeping.

The blog resumed with a slideshow of the colours and light I was seeing, before and after my wife's death. Most of them were taken with an android phone.
For the time being, I will post the blog articles I had taken and drafted last year, in any order and at random.
The person I was when I took the pictures and made the drafts is not the same as the person I am now.
However, I feel that if I don't let out all the memories of those distant days, my new life will never begin.

The music used for the slides was