Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)



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I noticed my wife's roses were in bloom.
A small pot, bought at a home improvement store, had been planted in the ground at some point. However, it was too close to the fence, so the blooming flowers were being blown by the wind and rubbing against the fence. If they were still potted, I could move them. As I watched the wind blowing and the clouds, which seemed to indicate an approaching storm, I looked in the direction of the baseball stadium in Suma Ward. Last August, I heard the sound of fireworks going off and watched them from my second-floor window. When I called out to my wife, she slowly came up the stairs and watched the fireworks in the distant sky with me. I had no idea that it would be the last fireworks she would ever see.

Four days later, when the weather had improved, I went out into the garden again to look at the roses. What had been buds had blossomed, and the flowers that had been rubbing against the fence were beautiful, with petals still on them.
A yellow flower that my wife had once told me was full of Matsuyoi grass. I must have returned a dubious look, because she told me that she was referring to Takehisa Yumeji's 'Yoimachigusa' (Evening Primrose).
I looked at them again, remembering my wife's words and thinking, "I see what you mean", as I had already finished my dinner.
I don't have a hobby of gardening, and the green leaves and small flowers blooming on their own seem to be enough for me.

My wife, who loved flowers, is dead, leaving a tactless man standing alone in a small, grassy garden, looking up at the evening sky.
When it is time to wear short sleeves, it seems possible to take a walk in the western sun after dinner.