Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

brocade bustier_01

Remembering doll photos like I used to take.


The music used for the slides was

Morning Light - Ambient Guitar (Royalty Free Music / No Copyright) Acoustic Background Music

What did I consider beautiful?
After my wife's death, everything is hazy.
With the time that has passed, I have gradually begun to give myself over to a new routine...

Shot in a corridor with a window on one side. I had taken a number of life-size dolls in the same kind of place over and over again. That's what I told this beautiful person.  It was as if I had remembered something I had forgotten.

I guess everyone has their own territory. Even if I long for the world someone else lives in, it is a world that I have nothing to do with. Worshipping a distant light, that is probably the only thing that suits me.
Even if I dream of a light that is different from everyday life, I cannot set my silicone doll, which weighs over 20 kg, there.