Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

The second part of a demure beauty


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The second part of a demure beauty. However, the title is rather more appropriate here.

I have stopped watching television since my wife was alive.
My wife, on the other hand, loves television. She was particularly keen on dramas, and would always watch the first episode, and if she was interested, she would continue watching. Sometimes she would ask me, 'Why don't you watch TV when your favourite girl is on it?'
If it's an actress I like, I don't want to watch that drama. There were many times when my impression of the actress would be bad because of what I had seen. I never watched any type that sold purity or that I had such an impression of on my own.
There is no such thing as a pure being because they are flesh and blood. So what about dolls? Since there is a person who made it, this too cannot be pure and innocent. And when it comes to life-size silicone dolls, you can almost hear the squealing laughter that they are sex toys.
The existence of the pure and excellent is only a personal conception, and if you try to forcefully apply it to something that exists in reality, you will eventually become disillusioned. Still, I think it's OK to enjoy it as my own personal dream story by applying it to something else.

I had just finished shooting this doll, dressed in a young grass-coloured cami dress, and was about to put it away.
I felt somewhat reluctant to leave her behind, so I let her sit a little higher than in the first part of the film.
The light hit her differently and her eyes lit up.
I realised that this head also resembled that beautiful person, and from there, for a while, I contemplated a fleeting dream.

a demure beauty の後編。しかし、題名は、むしろこちらの方にこそ相応しい。