Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Blue shadow in the middle of the white moon -4-

(end)・Red strappy shoes


The music used for the slides was

Minimalism No. 19, Fragment F


Final chapter.
It is a subtle difference, but she has been given a costume change.
However, the colour remains the same: white.
The shoes are red strap shoes from the beginning. It was intended as an accent at least.
While doing this shoot, we talked about 'the girl who stepped on bread'.
Now that I am an adult, I have knowledge of the Catholic Church's meaning that bread is the Holy Eucharist.
The intense question of why would anyone think of stepping on bread to cross a puddle of water, and the horror of that puddle turning into a bottomless hell. I thought it was a scary old tale on first reading.
I don't think it was influenced by such stories, but I also didn't like to see things that touched the skin falling on the road.
A handkerchief or a glove with only one hand.
Maybe it was because I was a child who often lost such things. When I found that they were not in my pockets, I felt like I had left the little creatures somewhere, and I could picture the handkerchief or the glove crying.
I can't even imagine stepping on food.

The first funeral I attended was before the summer holidays of my first year of secondary school. The mother of a girl in my class had died, and the whole class attended.
The house was in the immediate neighbourhood, just a stone's throw from the school grounds. Before hot noon, when we were standing in line in silence, someone who looked like an old lady smashed a bowl of rice on the ground. White rice and red chopsticks. Pieces of the rice bowl.
Why would she do such a terrible thing? I stared at her thinking this, but the old lady's face was messed up with tears.
It is an unforgettable scene that still comes back to me vividly. It may have been a semi-traumatic experience.