Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Beauty belongs to no one. -2-

She stood by the window.


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Beauty is nobody's property.
While photographing, we somehow got into such a conversation.
It had something to do with the fact that a famous collector was giving away a lot of his collection and I had read a piece about the circumstances in between. Such collectors are not alone. All of them seem to have been thinking about the rest of their lives. I, too, have begun to think about how long I will live.
I like beautiful things and have collected several, but as many people have pointed out, I too will die leaving such things behind. The one-off dolls by the artist will probably go to someone who will care for them. Painted works too.
But what will happen to life-size cushion dolls and silicone dolls weighing over 20 kg? Worst of all, they may have to be discarded. Even if I consider them beautiful, different viewers feel differently. What I consider beautiful is just bad taste junk to someone else.
The beautiful things I collect only stay with me for a time, and as time goes on, some of them take shelter of someone else.
The beauty of this beautiful person, of this day, is naturally not my property. It is just like the beauty of a plum blossom I saw somewhere.
And the beauty of this person, on this day, is only for a moment for this person too.

Beauty is nobody's property.
It is under someone for a time, and with time it gains the shelter of another.