Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

A dusk smile


The music used for the slides was

Music Atelier Amacha

Just beautiful things.

A while ago, I received an enquiry asking if I would allow them to use a doll I own in a film.
I had read the original story several times.
This time, I was told that it would be set in the present day.
Of course, I politely declined.
The author of the story is one of my favourite writers, but it is not my favourite story, even if it was his own confident work and has been made into a film many times.
The way he looks at the dolls is far from acceptable.

Like flowers, stars and the moon, dolls are just beautiful, can't you see it that way?
When I first saw the 60 cm cast doll,
When I opened the life-size silicone doll,
I literally caught my breath.

The film that my doll was supposed to be 'in' was filmed with close-ups of the large-eyed cast doll and the life-size silicone doll's body.
The gaze directed at the doll's owner was also as cold as one would expect.
It is not only in this film, though.