Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

always full of fragile charm...


The music used for the slides was

Henrik Meierkord & Marco Lucchi

The vulnerability and fragility of silicone dolls makes my heart ache.

When photographing beautiful people, I ask them not to strike a model-like pose. Sometimes it is difficult for them to understand this, but they sometimes agree that the point is to snap a picture. It seems that what I am shooting is neither portraits nor pin-ups. It would not be realistic for me unless I happened to see a beautiful person in an ordinary moment. I know that she is a beautiful person with whom I have no connection in this life.
In contrast, when I shoot dolls, I somehow think of them as portraits. However, when I consider the fragility of the silicone doll together with my daily life and my remaining time as a widower, it seems to me that what I am trying to preserve in the image is a record of ephemeral light.

The grass that thrives around the kitchen door has started to put on white and yellow flowers. It is destined to be cut down sooner or later, but even so, it will sprout again and cover the whole area.
The small flowers swaying in the wind still look fragile in every way.