Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Visual pleasures for an Outsider


The music used for the slides was

Field Of Flowers

The number of people who will look at my slides is almost zero.
That goes without saying now.

No matter how many people see them, I consider that the value of the slides remains the same. Nevertheless, I would rather announce that I am making something like this than have no one see it, and it was with this in mind that I have been posting images and addresses on social networking sites.
But even on the internet, which is connected to the whole world, only a few people open the blog with the slides.
I got sick of X and started to use Instagram as my main source of information, but neither was a gateway to my blog.
In the glamorous world, the images I take are just bad taste and probably look the same as grass and stones on the side of the road.

What I consider beautiful only appeals to me.
Both dolls and images of beautiful women.

Beautiful things are like light shining in the dimness for me.
I can see them, but I cannot touch them.

I saw this doll in Osaka in 2015.
Even now that I am the owner of the doll that I can touch, the beauty of this doll is still beyond my reach.
This is no different for a one-of-a-kind piece or a mass-produced life-size doll.
Even if I am privileged to take it out of the box and catch a glimpse of parts of it that I would not normally see, from my point of view, the beauty is the light that shines through the dimness.

It means it is not something to be shared with anyone.