Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Travel in the twilight world

scent of eucalyptus and the 26.4-day-old moon.


The music used for the slides was

Clara.van.Gogh | Composer
All is full of light - One


I watched a BSTV programme that went to the 100 most famous mountains in Japan.
The spectacular view was said to have been created by former volcanic activity. They were walking along a steep ridge called Uma no Se (Horse's Back). In the camera frame was a swarm of flying insects. Were they gnats? It was an appalling swarm, but the climbing guide, who was walking as he talked, did not even pretend to brush them away with his hand.
It's a beautiful view, but I don't think I'll ever see it. I thought.

The misty landscape is beautiful. And the way the low-hanging clouds are swept away by the wind.
But when you are in it, you are exposed to excessive moisture and your clothes get wet. It is not pleasant to walk in high humidity, even if the temperature is high or low. Fog and clouds are not considered fantastic.
Illusions are only personal. It is only a selfish point of view. And subjectivity depends on the physical condition. Just like appetite. The same thing seen, heard or smelled is also perceived differently from time to time.

I saw the needle-like moon and Venus in the pre-dawn sky.
I suddenly thought I smelled eucalyptus leaves.
From there I pictured a beautiful woman smiling as she found insect eggs on the underside of a leaf.
Eucalyptus was sung in the high school anthem and there was a memorial tree, so I must have smelled eucalyptus at some point, even before that.
The first time I had ever found the smell of eucalyptus leaves desirable was when I photographed that beautiful lady.

This beautiful doll is always on a journey somewhere far away, no matter when I look at him.