Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

called game -2-

Memorial Chapel and Kwansei Gakuin Hall


The music used for the slides was

Brian Gardner 3
Teach Your Children


The day was marked by bright sunshine, but we were repeatedly hit by weather showers and drizzles at times.
And each time the temperature dropped.
How many degrees lower than the day before? I am not tolerant of temperature changes, so I started to feel unwell halfway through. Was this also due to my age?
There were a few more places I wanted to photograph, but I had to call it a day early.
A beautiful person who had decided to leave her home town after graduating and finding a job. I decided to take one last shot at my old school.
I have many memories of this and that.
However, I want to take a short break from worrying about what has been and what will be.
I want to slow down and savour the everyday life I have now, in the midst of commonplace sights and sounds.
I would not have another opportunity to photograph this brilliant woman, but I envisioned the next opportunity.
......The next shoot was her alma mater with a view of the sea.