Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Let's take the limited express "AONIYOSHI"


The music used for the slides was

Ilya Truhanov - Acoustic Guitar Music For Video
Your Ironic Smile


I wanted to ride the limited express train "Aoniyoshi".
When I checked, I found out that in order to ride alone, I would have to buy an extra express ticket and special car ticket for the child. The other seat in the twin seat will be occupied by a phantom child. I felt terribly sad about that and decided to ask someone else to ride with me.
Fortunately, this beautiful lady kindly agreed to ride with me.
From Osaka Namba to Kyoto Station via Nara. A short train journey of just one hour and 15 minutes.
What a ridiculous deed... Everyone must think so.
But those who haven't ridden it have no right to laugh at it.
Someday I will take the limited express train "Hinotori".