Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Town of pomegranates


The music used for the slides was

Alumo Royalty Free Music
Dreamlines (Synthwave / Retrowave)

I look at the names of foreign places and dream of selfish things.
This leads me to the memory of the few moments I spent after lunch during my working years, with a copy of 'Paradise for a Moment' in the library.

There is a town that means pomegranate.
I envisioned a certain girl as a descendant of the people who planted pomegranates in the city.
People who invaded the city, ruled it, were invaded back and exterminated.
Neither the beautiful nor the ugly are happy, and they just have to live day by day.

She sat down by the well from which she had come to draw water and sagged, but the next time she looked up, she was on the wrong side of the moon.
She was born and raised on the dark side of the moon, so she had never even seen the earth.
In the jet-black space, a silvery, cylindrical colony floats in the air.
She does not feel any special emotion towards either the Earth or the metal colony.
There is no sense of belonging to anything, but the girl on the dark side of the moon just thought about the red fruit, which she had never eaten.