Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

The red dress at dusk



No Worries (Free download)

Red dress.
A similar one was seen in arte tokio's publicity gallery. The head was Sakura, a doll wearing a doll-like outfit. I thought it was interesting and found a red dress with a sailor collar and bought it. The one that arrived was a head-covering type with a slight zip on one side.It was difficult for the silicone doll, who could not raise her arms straight up. I had no choice but to put it on my Iris head + cushion doll, Tierra Doll, for the photo shoot. (Iris: White & Red_2021_2_23 )
The dress looks good on Yuzuki_arte145, and the way her lips are closed, which is unusual for an arte head, is very pleasing.
When I look at the completed slide, I notice the angles that appear repeatedly. Angles that I had not been aware of before. It is fascinating to discover something new every time take a picture.