Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

basso continuo


The music used for the slides was

Peter Ulbrich
Battaglia: 8. Lamento der Verwundeten Musquetiere

The mention of the word 'basso continuo' evokes a kind of peculiar sadness.
The vastness of interstellar space.
The wreckage of the spacecraft like shredded paper scraps... with such a view in my mind's eye.
Perhaps I was influenced by the space chronicles of Ryu Mitsuse and the anime series I watched at the end of my twenties. At one time, even a passage from 'Water Music' brought such a view to mind.

A prestigious hotel room, neatly furnished.
I adjust the opening of the curtains and check the intensity of the light from the window. I switch on the floor lamp and turn it off again.
The golden shine of the brass fascinates me.
However, there is no doubt that unfounded sadness was the base note of the day's shooting.

About a week after this shoot, I had a fever. From then on, I had to cancel all the plans I was looking forward to. Some were charged for cancellations, others went without any trouble.

The dream of seeing Nara Park at dawn will one day come true again.
I hope so.