Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

Girl doll to talk to


The music used for the slides was

Orchestra Eclettica Sincretista
Mean Flow & Marco Lucchi - Furore che sogna

On my way home from visiting doll exhibitions, I met my daughter after work for dinner.
Every time I saw her, my voice was gravelly and she asked me if I was drinking enough water.
Coffee and alcoholic drinks alone do not mean that I have taken in water.
After being assured of this, she suggested that I should drink some hot water.
I have some leftover hot water in a thermos from the coffee I made at breakfast, for the hot water whisky I drink at dinner.
plain hot water.…
As I thought about this, I remembered Takada Wataru.
I had read somewhere that before he became a drunkard, before he devoted himself to coffee, he used to drink sayu (plain hot water) out of fear for his own bloodline.

After my wife's death, I stopped talking to people, and the only time I speak out is to my cat. If not used, then everything and anything else, degrades.

This doll is set up as 'a girl doll waiting for a new interlocutor in an abandoned house where her master has disappeared', but I was the one who was looking for a new person to talk to in a house where I lived alone.