Small flowers by the roadside (_itokanasikimonotachi_)

A bit of alchemy:By the railway line

Transforming the mundane into the noble.-3-


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In this series 'A bit of alchemy', I was remembering the early days of the outing record 'L'Etranger 1911120' while shooting.
Five years ago, I was as reclusive as I am now. My wife asked me if I liked anything, and I finally started visiting art galleries and photographing beautiful people. I got off at stations I had never been to before and walked around the area. If there was a beautiful person there, I looked at her like she was the spirit of the land.
I have no inspiration whatsoever, nor do I want one. The real world alone is bothersome enough and difficult enough to deal with.
Nevertheless, when I look up the historical background of unfamiliar landscapes, and keep various episodes in mind, and point my camera at them, I begin to think of the beautiful person in front of me as a Genius Loci.
I make up self-serving fictitious memories and envision an existence in which I live another life, not the miserable me I am now.
Even though I know it is a silly fantasy, the next time I come here I will remember the fantasy of the day.
The gateway to fantasies is not something special, but something mundane that I usually miss, and that works better.
Things that have always been there and can always be seen again, such as the rusted piers and countless round rivets, are suitable for special memory portals.